Trapezoidal sheet production

The most versatily used element of hall construction.

The basic element of lightweight construction is the trapezoidal sheet which is an extremely resistant, galvanized painted steel sheet with coating. There are different ways to use them.

Trapezoidal sheets produced by us

The trapezoidal sheets are produced with two different rib heights and rib widths and are cut to size. 

C14 trapezoidal sheet

The rib height is 14 mm and the trapezoidal ribs are 24 mm from each other.

The width of the rib is both 40 mm at the top and bottom.

C14 trapezoidal sheet has less ribs so it is not recommended for roofs with a smaller angular offset but for steeper roofs it is excellent material for roof cover.

The maximum production length is 8 metres.

C35 trapezoidal sheet

The rib height is 35 mm and the trapezoidal ribs are 113 mm from each other.

There are 6 ribs in a C 35 trapezoidal board. The width of the rib is 35 mm at the top and 82 mm at the bottom.

This trapezoidal sheet is stronger so it is recommended for roofs which are longer (longer than 6 metres), has smaller angular offset and the purlins are more rare (purlin distance is 1-1.2 metres).

The maximum production length is 14 metres.


T8 trapezoidal sheet

The rib height is 8 mm and the trapezoidal ribs are 20 mm from each other.

The width of the rib is 85 mm at the top and 20 mm at the bottom.

The maximum production length is 5 metres.

The trapezoidal sheets produced by us can be ordered with anticondense design.

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How is the trapezoidal sheet made?

You choose the right ribbing, colour and length. That is all we need to know about the order and also where and when to deliver the trapezoidal sheets cut to size.

The required bending of the trapezoidal sheets and the production of the right ribbing is produced with modern machines.

Trapezoidal sheets of special patterns

Cellspan Ltd. was the first in Hungary to produce wood pattern trapezoidal sheets in 2009. You can trust a producer of great experience.

Would you like to stand out from the several trapezoidal sheet buildings/fences?

Here is the offer from Cellspan Ltd.

  • wood pattern trapezoidal sheet
  • rock pattern trapezoidal sheet

Besides their traditional usage (fences, building cladding, suspended ceiling) they are excellent for cover sheet of the building.

Long lifespan also applies to these sheets which were specially produced as well as the aesthetic and natural appearance.

Wood pattern trapezoidal sheets in a wider choice

According to our customers’ needs we have widened and continuously widen our range of wood pattern trapezoidal sheets.

At the moment we have three types. These types totally copy in colours and “graining” the real wood slats.


The types of trapezoidal sheet wood patterns:

  • walnut
  • medium oak
  • golden oak
  • pine tree

Where are trapezoidal sheets used?

The high-ribbed trapezoidal sheet can mainly be applied as a secondary bearing structural element for industrial halls, logistics/trade buildings.

The high-ribbed trapezoidal sheet is most often used in small gradient, soft-covered roof slab where it is put on the different material type (steel, ferroconcrete, wood) and different structural system type (truss, web-girder) of main beam where they serve the role of purlins and they form a continuous bolsterous surface for the stepproof insulation to be put on it.

The use of trapezoidal sheet can be many-folded for example roofage, wall cover, suspended ceiling, fence and many more.


On the top of lightweight constructions

All trapezoidal sheets are suitable for roofing but depending on the angular offset, the distance of the purlins which support it and the length of the roof certain trapezoidal sheets are better options.

Though the 0.5 mm thick trapezoidal sheet is a good choice for making the roof structure of all kinds of storage unit, hall and garage still we suggest using the trapezoidal sheet for roofs with a lower angular offset since its ribbing diverts the precipitation and the danger of flowing back in a headwind is smaller.

For fence building

The 0.5 or 0.4 mm thick trapezoidal sheet is suitable for fence because the ribbing of the trapezoidal sheet ensures enough stability for the fence and it is also a very cheap, fast and simple solution.

The trapezoidal boards while taking into consideration the direction of the ribbing can be put next to each other horizontally and vertically, as well.

Mounting the trapezoidal sheet on the fence slat or metal purlin can be done with pop rivet or with self-tapping screws distributed by us, which is available in the colour of the chosen trapezoidal sheet.

Because of its pattern most people choose the C14 trapezoidal sheet.

For suspended ceiling

The 0.5 or 0.4 mm thick trapezoidal sheets are perfect for constructing a suspended ceiling since it ensures enough stability for the suspended ceiling.  

The fastening of trapezoidal sheet on a rafter, ceiling is fast and simple. The trapezoidal sheet can be produced at any size in length thus big spans can be covered by one sheet.

What is trapezoidal sheet?

Trapezoidal sheet is a building material cold-rolled steel sheet the cross-section of which is made of trapezoids. It is a material for lightweight construction and can be used diversely such as for halls, warehouses, storage units, garage side-walls as well as for fencing elements.

Trapezoidal sheet is a 0.35-0.6 mm thick galvanized steel sheet which has some kind of coating thus it provides excellent protection for the sheet against the environmental effects. The coating can be colourful polyester or Aluzinc. The latter is a very strong aluminium-cinc-titanium alloy thus the coated produce will be very resistant. The painted polyester is usually a 25 micron thick coating but there are some which can be thicker.

The cross-section of the galvanized colour trapezoidal sheet: protective foil, lacquer coat, primer lacquer, passivating layer, zinc coating, passivating layer, prime lacquer, protective lacquer. Material: DX 51D+Z 275 g/m2 zinc thick galvanized trapezoidal sheet, colour galvanized trapezoidal sheet.

Because of its ribbing trapezoidal sheet is extremely stable and strong so it can be mounted in 6-8 metre boards. The weight of trapezoidal sheets with a 0.5 mm thickness is only about 5 kgs/m2 so it can be mounted easily and fast, easy to store and transport. The trapezoidal sheet is usually mounted with a self-tapping screw that matches the colour of the sheet so we don’t need pre-drilling and it can be twisted into wood or metal fast and practically.  The trapezoidal sheets are covered on two sides by galvanized, many-layered paints which guarantee the outstanding lifespan.

Thanks to the fact that the sheets are produced in specific lengths the amount of rubbish is reduced to the minimum.


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Storing trapezoidal sheet

Storing trapezoidal sheet requires great care – that is why only that amount of trapezoidal sheet is produced which is going to be built in.

If we are not going to use the trapezoidal sheet immediately we should pay attention to the following:

  • Don’t take over damaged sheet! If the delivered product is damaged then you have to notify one of our colleagues about the damage and have to record it in the minutes including the following data: carrier document, name of the driver, name of the carrier company, the nature of damage, date of delivery etc.
  • It shouldn’t be exposed to weather conditions. Attention! It doesn’t mean that we can leave it in open air in a packaged form. Since under the packaging the surface can get fogged and mildew.
  • Protect it from corrosion! Corrosion is often caused by the condensation of water which happens if the surrounding temperature is higher than the temperature of the stored trapezoidal sheet. 
  • Be careful that the sheet would not dent, scratch or break.
  • It mustn’t be in contact with water and moisture when stored.
  • It has to be stored in covered, dry, well-ventilated place at least 200 mms from the ground and protect it from sudden temperature changes.
  • Pay attention to the contact of the surface of the trapezoidal sheets put on each other that neither the ribbing nor the colour gets damaged while moving on each other.  
  • Don’t tread on it and don’t use chain or metal strand while lifting it.
  • The trapezoidal sheet mustn’t be stored close to radiant heat or corrosive material.
  • The trapezoidal sheet mustn’t get in contact with copper or material made from copper, concrete as well as aggressive material (mortar, lime, acid).
  • When storing a coloured coating trapezoidal sheet with protective foil after one month the protective foil must be removed from the stored trapezoidal sheet.


Tip: The trapezoidal sheet bundles should be stored slightly diagonally so even if vapor is deposited it can flow down. Laying trapezoidal sheet bundles on each other is permitted (maximum three bundles) but the precise fitting of the prop of each bundle and the consideration of bundle weight are expected.


Attention! The unpackaged material has to be built in as soon as possible. The trapezoidal sheet has to be built in within six months of delivery. In the case of galvanized trapezoidal sheet without coating you must pay increased attention to keep the storage regulations. The guarantee connected to the sheets is valid only if they were stored properly.


Read our study on the Guide to mounting trapezoidal sheets for the sake of aesthetical and long standing execution so that you will be confident enough to mount your trapezoidal sheet.

Because of the variety of trapezoidal sheets ask our expert’s opinion so that we can offer the most suitable trapezoidal sheet for you. Get in touch with us and tell us what you ant to use the trapezoidal sheet for.

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