Tile sheet production

Roofing easily and fast from Flóra tile sheet

The tile sheet produced by Cellspan Ltd. is known as Flóra.

Flóra tile sheet is primarily chosen for the tiling of family homes since when the tile sheet is put on the roof it very much resembles the traditional roof of ceramic tiles but the assembling is easeier and faster and its weight is also less.

Because of the production technology of Flóra tile sheet it is available at any length required thus if you put it on bigger roof areas for example industrial or farm buildings or condominiums, fitted in bigger pieces its assembling would save time and energy.

Since Flóra tile sheet can be produced at any length then from the ridge of the roof until the drain it can be covered by a board thus we leave less possibility for the roof to leak.

A popular way of using Flóra tile sheet is the tiling of garden constructions, arbours or canopies since the price is very favourable, there is a wide choice of colours and the sizes are defined by the special needs.

The parameters of Flóra tile sheet

You can see it on the drawing what kind of sizes we can produce of Flóra tile sheet.

You can read the distance between the ribs, the ribheights and the angle of inclination of ribs.

The width of Flóra tile sheet is given but the length is defined by your needs.

Why is it worth choosing Flóra tile sheet?

  • It is heavy-duty, it doesn’t crack, doesn’t break because it is made from quality galvanised steel
  • It leaves little garbage thus the loss is little as the tile sheet can be produced in lengths that are needed
  • It is easy to assemble since bigger pieces can be mounted on the roof rails according to customer needs.
  • It can be applied from 14 degree angle of inclination
  • Putting them on different surfaces doesn’t cause a problem
  • It doesn’t require maintenance because of their coating.
  • It is aesthetic since there is a wide range of colours so you can choose the production of the one that fits the front the most.
  • Its mounting technology allows it to put a vapor permeable foil under it which is the perfect water tight which diverts the gathered water but lets the air through.


Our latest tile sheet has arrived!

Textured meditteranean tile effect

This tile sheet was surface treated with special PRINTECH method so far in Terracotta colour.

Ask with an anticondense coating

You don’t want to worry about constant residual condensate in your building?

Then you have two choices:

  • you can use vapor closing foil
  • or you can ask your tile sheet with anticondense coating  


Why is anticondense coating a favourable solution?

On the one hand because the felt layer is put on the back of the sheet factory-made and the vapor gathers here and then it evaporates.

On the other hand because it is more work- and cost-effective than the vapor closing foil.  

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A few nice examples of tile sheet roofs:

What is tile sheet and what is it used for?

Tile sheet is produced from colour galvanized rolled steel similar to trapezoidal sheet and as the name suggests after working on it, it shows tile form and you can reach an almost 100% tile effect.

Tile sheet was created for roofing since because of its small weight you can mount it even on building structures which would not bear a heavy concrete or ceramic cover without structure change.

It became widespread on the top of industrial buildings because tile sheet is produced in the required length so you can save time and energy with it because it can be mounted easily and fast while in its effect is similar to that of real tiles. We produce tile sheet in the length required so that the roof from the ridge to the drain can be covered by one board. But we suggest the length of the tile sheet to be maximum 6 metres because if the sheet is longer than this it can be damaged easily and it is difficult to work with.

Tile sheet is often used for covering garden buildings, arbours, canopies. We produce it with cogged or synus pattern and after the order we start producing immediately or maximum two days after the order.

Tile sheet is stored with caution similar to the trapezoidal sheet. For details please check trapezoidal sheet menu item.

Tile sheet is delivered to the spot of the construction cut to the required size however, if you need some kind of cutting don’t forget that you MUSTN’T use any tools that cause heat effect (angle grinder). Cutting should be done with a shearing tool, saw cutting in a straight line or metal-cutting snips.

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Ask for an offer from our colleagues on the phone:


Gyula Dankó - head of sales

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Éva Torma - Office administrator

+36 70 / 316 3299

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Choose an experienced contractor!

If it is important to you that your building will be well usable and cost-effective in the long-run or if you are only looking for part tasks of the construction please turn to us with confidence. Besides our main activity of contractor we provide steel structure production, trapezoid sheet production and sandwich panel distribution and delivery, as well.

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