Steel structure production

You don’t want to hire a swindler to do the welding and the mechanical work on your building, do you?

Steel structure halls are now indispensable parts of production/efficiency in certain industries. But working with steel (e.g. welding, cutting) requires real expertise. We only trust the operation of plasma cutter and the CNC driven flame cutter on really experienced people. The decade-long experience of our team is the guarantee for the quality of our work.


Where is it worth thinking of lightweight constructions?

Practically nowadays it can be used with all kinds of building types what is more, it is highly recommended to use steel structure solutions at some places because the cost of investment can be lowered considerably and also the type of work done there allows these kinds of buildings, be it an office building, warehouse or workshop.

If we compare two buildings with the same parameters we can experience that the cost of foundation and transport of lightweight constructions are lower thanks to the smaller net weight of the materials used for the construction.

When planning the building we can have a flight of our imagination since there are no limits to the formation of designs and forms, maximum our budget if the structural engineer calculates the cost of steel structure creation that fits the form.

When the investment is finished there can be significant differences in the maintenance costs of the buiding, naturally for the advantage of steel structure but only if the planning and the execution is well-thought out and it was quality work. 

Yet, what are the qualities that are expected from a construction on the basis of which it is better to build it in a steel structure system?


What are the advantages of steel structure and steel structure frame?

  • If we don’t have too much time for execution because the use of steel structure makes it possible for a quick execution
  • If it is possible that the construction will be expanded or modified or moved to another place. Since steel structure constructions are easy to modify, expand, dismantle or to be moved then only steel structure construction can be the most economical solution.
  • If the coloumns within the construction would be disturbing since we can plan great spans without coloumns with the help of steel structures.


Our experience is that for our customers’ constructions the most cost-effective steel hall constructions to use by keeping the high standard are the following and that is why our company use these steel structures:


Truss beam hall construction

Truss nature “traditional” structure formation, its advantage is that it is cost-effective but from the interior because of the lower connector – usually a hollow section – it takes out a lot of space. You can mount suspended ceiling or lamp bodies and other engineering equipments. It can be applied anywhere. Our experience is that it is excellent for workshops but not for plants.

Parallel truss beam hall structure

In the case of parallel truss beam hall structure the section runs parallel in the plane of the roof and one piece lower than that so the interior is higher. You can store more things here, it has similar price range or a bit more expensive than the truss nature steel structure. You cannot mount a suspended ceiling on it.

It is mainly used for agricultural buildings among others for cold-stores and warehouses.

Web-girder hall structure

Web-girder steel structure is more expensive than the previous two but the inner airspace can be well-used. In the case of web-girder hall structure there is a web-gird running in the plane of the roof which takes away the least from the inner space.

Not regular formations:

Unique steel structure building can be done by different solutions.

One example from our more special steel sturctures produced by us: curved designed building.

The curve has no real role but because of the design this is how the customer ordered it. There are few examples for this structure in Hungary but with the help of cover materials produced by us (sandwich panel, trapezoidal sheet) we can shape this kind of insulated building.

Production of other steel structures

Besides frame structures of buildings we undertake the production of other steel structures as well.

If you have your idea and maybe the static plan as well we will produce the requested steel structure.

Here are some examples of our finished steel structures which are not building structure types:

Producing a steel structure stand for Nyíradony Sports Club

Vibration damper podium for Borsodchem

Full execution of crop rotation, drying equipment

Grain crops storage

Production of agricultural machine console

Steel structure production starts already with the planning the real steel structure production and surface treatment can only happen after that. Our technical experts always plan the buildings with the right steel structure type suited for the usage. Since the static planning of a building a lot of variables must be considered such as wind-load, temperature change, seismic effect and the moving devices built in the construction.

Frequently asked questions:

What kind of materials do we use for our steel structure production?

Of course we work with trusted suppliers only. We always receive a certification about the quality of the materials we deliver on a short notice. 

How and where the steel structure is made?

The different elements of the construction are produced in our own plant equipped with cranes, based on the construction plans. They are in a transportable form so they are easy to deliver and assemble.

The experts and colleagues who work in our production plant are all experienced structural locksmiths and welders that is why we can provide the constantly high quality for our customers.

TÜV-SÜD certificate is a guarantee for excellent quality

Plasma cutting video

Look at how it works in practice… 

We are striving to use the most modern techniques during the production of steel structures

What surface treated steel structures can we provide?

The surface treatment of the steel structures can be done according to the needs of the customer:

  • with abrasive blasting, with high pressure airless paint
  • with hot dip galvanisation
  • fire protection paint

What kind of tools do we use for the production of steel structure?

Flame and sheet cutting, drilling and punching, cutting to size and of course welding are all parts of steel structure production which we do with our own tools and our own experienced colleagues.  


With the help of our plasma cutting machine and CNC driven flame cutting machine we can execute precise cuts.

I only need some parts of these but I don’t want to order a whole hall, can you undertake this kind of work?

Our company does not only do everything connected to general execution but if you hire us we can do tasks related to the production of steel structures.

For example: We do CNC flame cutting up to 30 mm material thickness


Ask for a price quote for the production of your steel structure from our colleagues over the phone or in e-mail.

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I request a written price quote considering the given data ... 

I would like to receive information about the details, prices and time length of steel structure production …  

Choose an experienced contractor!

If it is important to you that your building will be well usable and cost-effective in the long-run or if you are only looking for part tasks of the construction please turn to us with confidence. Besides our main activity of contractor we provide steel structure production, trapezoid sheet production and sandwich panel distribution and delivery, as well.

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