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Sandwich panel production and distribution

Is heat insulation ability of your building important? Choose from sandwich panels which have great heat insulation ability.

The application of sandwich panels is fast, cheap, environmental friendly and cuts down your utility bills that is why it could spread so fast in the area of hall and warehouse construction. Our company offers products of foreign and Hungarian producers as well as our own sandwich panels.


What is the sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel is a multi-layered prefabricated building element which mostly consists of a thermal insulation layer of different thickness and the armature that encloses it. It can be made with light-, medium heavy- and heavy-weight formation. The two steel armatures (ribbed steel sheet) there is a polyurethane foam of different thickness or there is a rockwool or polystyrene filling. Thanks to this it has extremely good thermal insulation ability.

Naturally, the thicker the filling layer is the better the thermal insulation ability of the building will be. This technology has been used for more than 40 years to tile roofs and sidewalls as an internal division.

By looking through the construction plans these panels are produced in the required size and delivered to the construction site to avoid cutting on the spot and the problems that can arise from that.

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What are the advantages of using sandwich panels?

It arrives in a prefabricated form to the site so basically you “just” have to fit them to the right place and screw them in which saves a lot of time.

  • It is extremely resistant to weather conditions so you don’t have to spend on conservation often
  • They have a long lifespan thus they provide long-term solution
  • It is easy to mount them because of its prefabricated nature so the time of execution is shorter as well
  • Its thermal insulation indicator is close to 100% which is outstanding compared to other building elements
  • It can be ordered in different colours so all aesthetical needs of the customer can be satisfied
  • It has tiny net weight so its mounting is easier and faster and its delivery is more economical
  • The fitting of the panels is precise so they can be mounted seamless and closed-cell.
  • The surface can be cleaned easily, it doesn’t require much expertise to keep it clean so it is recommended for those plants where there are high hygiene standards.


What kind of sandwich panels can you choose from?

You can find sandwich panels of several producers on the market. There are both foreign and Hungarian producers.

We would like to satisfy every demand of our customers that is why we distribute the sandwich panels of two great producers besides our own ones.

These two companies are Isopan and Kingspan.

We offer the sandwich panels of these two producers because they are reliable, they continuously develop their products and they always keep the delivery deadlines. So we can safely supply our customers.

Sandwich panel suppliers:

Transport of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels have durable surfaces but during transport you must pay attention to their open surfaces. You have to take care of the visible inner filling so that it doesn’t get in contact with water (rain, snow etc.) or mechanical damage. Also it is not easy to move the longer boards.

That is why we are happy if we can deliver the material to the spot since in the hands of our experienced colleagues there won’t be any problems and the customer receives excellent quality boards.

We mainly transport sandwich panels in large numbers mainly between spring and autumn be it other producers’ products or our own Cellspan sandwich panel.

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The CELLSPAN sandwich panel:

It is an economical solution among side-wall, partition and suspended ceiling solutions. The panel has a covering width of 1150 mm, through-fixed, closed-cell connections with 0.5 mm thick steel sheet armature and polystyrene thermal insulation.

The panel has a feather formation so it can be mounted simply and quickly onto metal purlins, ferroconcrete or wooden holder. Its fastening is done with a sealing washer self-tapping screw, can be placed horizontally and vertically as well and can be used on any building.

Our product is produced in 50-, 90-, 120-, 150 and 200-mm thickness (according to the required thermal insulation needed) and at any length on a computer-operated Australian production line.

The different panel thickness and the variety of colours make it possible that the most convenient one will be used thus both the mechanical and the aesthetical as well as the economical needs are optimally satisfied.

Our company offers free tiling planning for our customers be it an existing or a new building thus the garbage accompanying the construction will be minimalized.


The materials used for a sandwich panel:

The armature (which is the inner and outer cover of the sandwich panel) can be steel sheet, glass or plastic.  

The thickness of the steel sheet is usually between 0.4 and 0.6 mm though there can be different sizes in case of sandwich panels to be built in special places. The surface protection of sheet panels is possible with hot dip galvanizing or with coloured polyester covers.


The inner (thermal insulation) layer

If you expect the panel to have heightened thermal insulation ability then the material of the thermal insulation layer between the armature is usually some kind of cellular plastic (expanded polystyrene, polyurethane) or fibred mineral (rockwool).


The mounting of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels can be mounted on frame structures (metal, wooden, plastic materials), the panels are mounted on the frame usually by dimensioned metal screws and different clamps. The panel fittings are sealed and/or covered by prefabricated profiles. The sealing of the panels is recommended because of the movement of the building micro gaps can appear between the panels where rainwater and snow can flow and later on would damage the consistency of the building.

During the execution close attention is needed to the mounting of sandwich panels that is why we recommend that you do it with our experienced colleagues.


Sandwich panel prices

How much does one m2 of sandwich panel cost?

The price of the sandwich panels is influenced by the thickness of the sheet, surface treatment, the thickness and material of the intermediate layer. And we must separate the materials produced by us and the ones we distribute.

The price of the sandwich panels distribued by us (and built in during the execution) is defined by the producer and we cannot really influence that. We are trying to be in contact with more producers so that we can satisfy your demands from a wider range. That is why we can think that the different producers try to match each other’s prices so that their sandwich panels would sell better and we could recommend it more often to the customer. But it doesn’t work like that and the prices can be very different.

The thickness and the surface treatment play major roles in the prices of the sandwich panels produced by us. But because they are made in our own workshop by our own people the price of Cellspan sandwich panel can be lower than the price of other distributed sandwich panel.


However, because of the used materials (sheet, filling material) which we also purchase our prices can change from month to month.

Moreover, if you want a sandwich panel for a building the size of the building and the planned quantity also influence the price. We have mentioned it in our studies that the planning of the building requires great attention since it can happen that if you put up the panels differently it would leave you with less garbage and you would save more money.

As it turns out from the above mentioned, publishing the current prices (because of the frequent changes) would mean a lot of extra work for our colleagues (that you would always see the current prices and there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings) that is why we decided not to publish the prices.

But our colleagues are at your service and would give you immediate information about the current sandwich panel prices. Call them freely.


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