Setting up steel structure

The erection and assembly of a steel structure at our company can only be done by experienced, meticulous colleagues.

It is not enough to manufacture the steel structure according to the plans but you must know how to erect and assemble them. The inaccurately done tasks at the erection can cause just as many problems as doing the foundation badly.


The process of setting up a steel structure:

  1. We put the coloumns on the pier foundations
  2. We fix the roof structure on the top of the coloumns by screwing or welding
  3. We put up the purlins
  4. The building receives its coverage

You mustn’t set up a steel structure in rain, storm or strong wind. The time of setting up a steel structure always depends on the size.

Here are the 7 most critical mistakes which are commited by contractors when setting up a steel structure

  • Accidentprone work for example mounting is done without using a wind-beam
  • They don’t wait the binding time in the case of using glued dowels or after using foundation assembly
  • It doesn’t hold the coloumns vertically – consequently you won’t be able to fit the roof precisely not to speak of the stability of the building
  • Doesn’t erect the coloumns parallel although the place of the pier foundations is bound but the coloumns cannot “turn” compared to each other
  • The contractor doesn’t check a diagonal though the diagonal would show the possible inaccuracies in the phase of the work when it can be corrected
  • The screws are not properly tightened or it is not checked  how they are tightened
  • The ridge is not straight which shows a critical mistake when erecting coloumns or the pier foundations are laid out badly

What kind of demands should the contractor meet if you want to hire him to erect your steel structure?

Have own machine pool

In case the contractor has own tools and machine pool you can be sure that it can organise its works the most precisely. There won’t be any unnecessary waiting time or piling up. He pays more attention to the maintenance of the tools so there is a smaller risk of malfunction that would delay the work. It means that you won’t have any extra costs because of the delay.

Have an own, experienced team

One of the difficulties of erecting a steel structure is that you have to move expertly in high altitude and work precisely. If the contractor has its own team then their work is faster thanks to their expert and because they are accustomed to each other moreover they realise and correct the mistakes faster. You need at least 3-5 years of professional experience so that the work will be safe and fast despite the high altitude. It does matter to you whether you just “hire” someone for the job or reliable people construct the building and you should not only think of the correlation between time and money but also the mistakes that can emerge while using the building. With an experienced team the chance for a mistake is lower and thus the chance for later arguments and nuisances, as well.

The produced steel structures and sandwich panels are assembled on the spot with the help of cranes and power-hoists.  

What kind of machines do we use for setting up a steel structure?

In our own machine pool you can find all kinds of vehicles and tools which are needed for the execution for example crane, lifting cart with platform, hand-tools, screw drivers and arc-welder inverter.

These tools ensure the precise work and the fast execution for you.

Who will you meet when you go to the construction area?

Who are those who are working on the execution of the building?

Besides our team our company works with one subcontractor whose employees match our criteria from all aspects, because of their years of professional experience and their technical expertise proven in practice we have worked with them some many times that we almost consider them our own employees.

Choose an experienced contractor!

If it is important to you that your building will be well usable and cost-effective in the long-run or if you are only looking for part tasks of the construction please turn to us with confidence. Besides our main activity of contractor we provide steel structure production, trapezoid sheet production and sandwich panel distribution and delivery, as well.

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