Only a building planned with a contractor’s approach can be really cost-effective!

When a contractor receives ready plans then it can be difficult to make any changes and use solutions that can be of advantage for the investor (be it of financial or efficiency advantage). That is why our company undertakes the planning of the investment and the coordination of the whole permission procedure.

Our company is in contact with the planning office of Csaba Hegedűs architect who has more than 10 years of experience and has lots of reference work of planning steel halls.

There is a continuous communication between planning, manufacturing and execution that is why our buildings are planned in advance with a cost-effective and a contractor’s approach.

So the building is planned and executed with the best possible utilisation and cost-effectiveness according to the investor’s needs so that it fulfils its function with the lowest possible cost and in first class quality.

Since the development of a site and its conscious and fully thought-out planning takes no little time even if the financial coverage of the beginning of an investment is months away it is worth setting to planning and the granting of the permission as soon as possible. Moreover since the final building permit is valid for three years.

Attention! In the case of current tenders it is a regulation that they must have a final building permit. If you want to finance your building throught a tender then you should take care of the planning as soon as possible.

What to consider before you meet a planner?

  • Where is the building site? You should know the topographical lot number of the site.
  • What functions should the building provide for?
  • The existence of what premises are necessary?
  • How much and what quality light will be needed (for the windows and the electrician work)?
  • What kind of temperature is needed within the building? Maybe in different parts of the building?
  • How big and what kind of doors are needed (automatic, sliding door etc.)?
  • What kind of equipment are you planning to build in (e.g. crane-bridge, ventilator etc.)?
  • Will you need a canopy or level division, loading ramp?


All together how long does it take from the birth of an idea until getting a final building permit?

In case you as an investor know what you would like and you considered it well then you can calculate with about 30-45 days until the plans are ready depending on the position of the competent authority.

Then the plan is submitted to the board of public construction where another 30-40 days pass until it receives a building permit and it is another 15 days that it becomes final.

Would you like to develop your company through tenders?

For tenders you usually need the following:

  • planning application documents
  • final building permit
  • planning cost estimate

The architect makes the cost estimates with a little bit of extra so that if there are costs that cannot be foreseen they can still fit into the project.

Attention! The inadequate documentation can result in the withdrawal of support!

The tender writer can set the acquisition cost based on the planning cost estimate.

Thanks to the well-thought-out static design the building will be constructed with the lowest weight with the required solidity so that you will have money for the acquisition of machines.

If you do not win on the given tender based on the existing documents you can apply again at a later date since the building permit is valid for three years. 

For the building permit procedure you need the elements of architectural-engineering documents depending on the subject of planning:

  1. Technical specifications
  2. Plan sheets
  3. Geodetic survey if necessary


Its elements without being exhaustive:

  • Floorplans
  • Facades
  • Sections
  • Site plan
  • Fire protection
  • Architectural technical specifications
  • Static calculations for steel structure
  • Thermal calculations for permanently used places
  • Technological description
  • Statement from utility companies – 1 copy each
  • Statistical data sheet with appendix
  • The certificate of planning legitimacy
  • Planner’s statement about the discussion with utiliy companies
  • Construction waste plan sheet
  • Environmental protection plan chapter
  • Geotechnical expertise
  • Original signature of investor, planner on the plans (not a copy!)


Where are the pitfalls?

Even though we continuously monitor the profession sometimes we run into major planning mistakes. That is why we created our study entitled: 5 contractor mistakes which can drastically decrease the lifespan of the building.

To avoid these we suggest that you should have the building planned and ask for a price quote from the contractor when you have finished plans or it is even more effective if you choose a contractor who undertakes the planning as well.

The price quotes of different companies which are based on a few parameters actually are only close estimates. A detailed price quote can only be given based on the plans.

We have talked to a lot of disappointed investors (at professional events, expos) and we experienced that the main reason of their disappointment is that they are not prudent enough when they choose the contractor for their investment. Although they visit several contractors and they ask for several price quotes, and usually choose the cheapest one as a way to be cost-effective but they forget about the fact that these offers cannot be compared when it comes to technical content. Moreover, since they don’t know the real reasons of constructing the building they cannot really meet the real demands of the investors.

We believe that you as a conscious and thoughtful investor will avoid these pitfalls. Don’t forget to take your time with the planning. If you ask for a contractor price quote based on finished plans then it is easier to compare them.

Would you like to know more about the process of planning and prices? Please get in touch with us here.

I ask for a price quote for the execution of my building!

Choose an experienced contractor!

If it is important to you that your building will be well usable and cost-effective in the long-run or if you are only looking for part tasks of the construction please turn to us with confidence. Besides our main activity of contractor we provide steel structure production, trapezoid sheet production and sandwich panel distribution and delivery, as well.

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