Creating the right foundation is the most critical part of every construction.

Every other kind of work can be corrected in one way or another but if the foundation is messed up then you need a huge some to correct those mistakes if it is possible at all.

It is worth thinking over who you hire and what kind of foundation you want.


What do you have to do before handing over the area?

Groundwork is preceded by earthwork or they are partly done paralelly. That is why we don’t recommend that you hire a different company for earthwork and a different for laying the foundations. Though it is technically possible but we are almost 100% sure that that it would create tension and arguments.

In case you hire our company to do the earthwork and the foundation then you have no extra tasks. If the area is full of weed we will clear that if the branches hang out to the area from the trees nearby we get rid of those. And in case you planned your  building on an area where it is possible that ammunition can be found in the ground we can alert the bomb-disposal experts. We prepare the ground in the most optimum way to embrace the foundation.


Frequently asked questions about the state of the work area

How to hand over the work area for the contractor and what to expect when the work is done are important factors for investors. We have collected the frequently asked questions and of course we will provide an answer to them.

  1. The ground is muddy and wet, can you still start the work? Or do you have to wait until it dries?
    Of course you don’t have to wait for anything since the upper layer will be taken off anyway.
  2. The area is steep, is it possible to build there and who will do the levelling?
    All earthwork occurring during the construction will be solved by our company, not just directly under the building but we will do the necessary changes,leveling and making even the surrounding areas as well.

  3. The building is planned to be constructed on a concrete area, does it make any changes in the execution?
    We must handle the concrete area depending on the weight of the planned building. We must cross-check with a structural engineer how we can construct the building on the given area. (The building can be constructed on the concrete area the question is how and this can change the price so when you ask for a price quote you must emphasize this fact.) 
  4. There are trees in the area, do we have to get rid of those?
    We only cut down those trees on the area which are necessary or if it is enough we only raise the shroud level.  
  5. We cannot know for sure what is below the ground, what happens if some obstacles come to surface during the earthwork such as ammunition, or other buried things?
    There is no need to worry. Our colleagues have met with the strangest things possible and they managed to solve all problems emerged. In these cases we alert the investor and check with him/her how to proceed.  
  6. The big power shovels and other cranes leave a deep track next to the area would these tracks be made even?
    Of course we leave a clean and orderly area behind us which not only means that we do not leave any rubbish on the area but also that we hands it back in a usable state for the owner.  

Let’s see what belongs to the groundworks

  1. Making substrate construction pit with power tools
  2. Making substrates with shuttering and concrete work

Substructure works

Why do customers forget to calculate with these?

We often experience that the customers know more or less how much they can spend on a building and they often ask questions about the prices of different sandwich panels in the beginning. We can almost hear how the cogwheels clatter, they are multiplying and dividing in their heads how it should be and what they can afford.

This is what burnt to the senses of people somehow that they “only” need to calculate with the prices of the building.

But this way of thinking is wrong with a lightweight building.

BUT this is not Your fault, simply in the building industry the m2 price got spread and people automatically calculate with this. They ask about the m2 price of sandwich panels or trapezoidal sheets and start to calculate immediately.

At most buildings you need to calculate with only few substructure works, some receivers and the mounting of them, considering all works it is little work and material load. But they shouldn’t be taken lightly either since these are the ones that hold the structure. At buildings of lower volume these are not the dominant pieces.

But there are complex halls, multi-level buildings the development of which requires the making of bigger scale substructures.

As you can see it in the photos above sometimes we have to make substrates of longer lengths, mount them painstakingly moreover solve the placement of different wirings and pipes.

By taking into account all of these it is worth asking our colleague to calculate the real cost formula.



I would like information about the works and prices of foundation…

I would like to get a price quote for the general execution of my building!

Choose an experienced contractor!

If it is important to you that your building will be well usable and cost-effective in the long-run or if you are only looking for part tasks of the construction please turn to us with confidence. Besides our main activity of contractor we provide steel structure production, trapezoid sheet production and sandwich panel distribution and delivery, as well.

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