Contractors’ works

The different buildings need different engineering solutions and functions

When the construction is structurally complete then comes the contractors’ works. If these works are done improperly then a lot of problems could emerge while using the building.

It is necessary to do the basic electrician work everywhere but recently there have been fast developing engineering solutions such as mounting a sun collector or heat pump which require special knowledge.

Different buildings require different engineering solutions and functions.

We should know during planning already what kind of engineering will be built in the hall, it is not enough to know where the water and sewage pipes would run but to do all the electrician work fully and precisely we need to know what kind of consumers will be in the building and –more or less- where they would be.

It is important where and what kind of ventilation system will be built in or will it be an air purifier and if it needs a switch-box and where to plan that. Though these can be built in afterwards it does count if the wiring is done well during execution even if these devices won’t be put in immediately.

Not to mention that these devices need an exit port. If these are needed to be cut afterwards then the hall can be damaged.


Do you need a feed distribution system but you only have an idea?

Even then you should notify our planners so that the necessary engineering will be built in during the execution of the building even if the device will be planted later.

At engineering works it is worth thinking of rainwater drains which can be drained to possible water reservoirs of fire.

We can generally say that building engineering provides the feeling of comfort, drinking water, the drainage of sewage, the right temperature and the right quality and parameter of air for the users of the building.

Building engineering in general deals with the piping system withing the building, their mountings and the devices attached to them.


Building engineering is made up of several parts:

  • lighting and heating technology
  • water supply, drainage
  • gas supply (chimneys)


What kind of engineering works does our company undertake?

Besides the basic engineering works (water, heating, electricity, HHVAC) which are indispensable for using the building we provide more popular engineering solutions such as heat pump and solar collectors mounting.

If it is needed we can undertake plasterboarding, painting, lining and covering.

We provide these by our employees or by reliable sub-contractors whose expertise we trust and who have proven their experience throughout the years and have earned our trust.


Questions concerning contractor’s and engineering works …

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If it is important to you that your building will be well usable and cost-effective in the long-run or if you are only looking for part tasks of the construction please turn to us with confidence. Besides our main activity of contractor we provide steel structure production, trapezoid sheet production and sandwich panel distribution and delivery, as well.

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