Hall construction

Do you only want a hall or you want something outstanding in execution?

The primary task of a contractor is to organise the different workflows efficiently and its primary obligation is the universal responsibility both in terms of quality and punctuality. The execution of several different types of buildings (warehouse, agricultural and industrial hall, workshop, crop storage unit etc.) from the planning to the turnkey make our company a real expert in the field of general execution.

Would you hire anyone to build your house?

Obviously not!

You would rank the contractors along several factors and then you would choose the one who looks the most suitable and most reliable to you.

Obviously you would do the same way when choosing a contractor for the building which is so important for your company in terms of expansion. We gave you some help in our study entitled 10 important factors to choose a contractor so that your investment will be in good hands.

We know that being a contractor is an act of trust that is why we pay special attention to win our customers’ satisfaction. That is why we would like to go through in details what we undertake under the name of contractor. To see how much burden we take off your shoulders.

Our company has many years of experience in the execution of steel structure buildings thus we possess the knowledge, the machines and the equipment so that we can provide you the best!

We consider it essential that the main works of the construction are done by us. Then we can avoid arguments between contractors that can stem from the situation that the work area was not handed over in the right time or in the right quality.

We believe that if only one company works at the given area then the organisation and the execution go smoothly without any arguments and stress. That way you don’t need to travel to the work area constantly to settle arguments or to handle the problems arising.

The different phases of the execution of lightweight halls: 

  • planning
  • groundwork
  • foundation
  • steel structure production
  • setting up steel structure
  • mounting of sandwich panel and trapezoidal sheet
  • making of industrial floor
  • contractors’ works (engineering)
  • delivery

I ask for an offer for the full execution of my building !


Only the building planned with a contractor perspective can be really cost-effective!

When a contractor receives finished plans then it is difficult to make any changes or to use solutions which would really be an advantage for the investor (be it financial or utility advantage). Moreover the decade-long professional experience in planning lightweight constructions means a real advantage for the investor because then the under or overplanning can be avoided which means no unnecessary safety risk or extra expenses. That is why our company undertakes the planning of steel structure hall-investment and the coordination of the whole permission process.

Why is it useful that the contractor is present since the planning of the investment?  


What do you have to do before handing over the work area?

Well, practically not much you just have to show where you want the building to be erected.

In case you hire our company to be the general contractor of your lightweight hall or to do the earthwork, then you have no extra tasks. If the area is full of weed we will clear that if the branches hang out to the area from the trees nearby we get rid of those. And in case you planned your steel structure building on an area where it is possible that ammunition can be found in the ground we can alert the bomb-disposal experts.


Creating the right foundation is the most critical part of every construction.

Every other kind of work can be corrected in one way or another but if the foundation is messed up then you need a huge sum to correct those mistakes if it is possible at all.

It is worth thinking over who you hire and what kind of foundation you want.

Steel structure production

You don’t want to hire a swindler to do the welding and the mechanical work on your building, do you?

Steel structure halls are now indispensable parts of production/efficiency in certain industries. But working with steel (e.g. welding, cutting) requires real expertise. The decade-long experience of our team is the guarantee for the quality of our work.

I check what kind of steel structures they use

Setting up steel structure

The erection and assembly of a steel structure at our company can only be done by experienced, meticulous colleagues.

It is not enough to manufacture the steel structure according to the plans but you must know how to erect and assemble them. The inaccurately done tasks at the erection can cause just as many problems as doing the foundation badly.

I read how to choose a contractor for the erection of steel structure

Mounting of sandwich panel and trapezoidal sheet

One of the most spectacular parts of general execution is the mounting of sandwich panels or trapezoidal sheets.

The customers like watching when the sandwich panels or trapezoidal sheets are mounted since for them it means that the building is finished. (Of course they don’t forget about the contractors’ works either but still it is a comforting feeling when the panels and sheets are mounted on the steel frame).

Mounting the the panels or sheets may seem easy but it requires great attention and precision from the contractor.

The mounting of sandwich panel or trapezoidal sheet must be preceeded by cover planning or in other word consignment. To form the right value for money of the building the cover has to be planned in a way that it uses the least material and finishes with the least garbage.

Making of industrial floor

If the different concrete works are done improperly then your building can become unusable.

We use concrete works for all works where we work with concrete which can be the execution of shaft or the making of industrial floor. The industrial floor means more both in technical content and execution than resin floor cover. The planning and making of industrial floors are complex and requires expertise and careful attention.


I look at the process of making an industrial floor

Contractors’ works

The different buildings need different engineering solutions and functions

When the construction is complete then comes the contractors’ works. If these works are done improperly then the building can become unusable. It is necessary to do the basic electrician work everywhere but recently there have been fast developing engineering solutions such as mounting a sun collector or heat pump which require special knowledge.


What to look out for?


When choosing a contractor it is an important aspect that it has its own machine pool especially when it comes to means of transport.

Since delivery from the manufacturer’s site to a distant construction site can increase the costs greatly. When one works as a contractor the use of lots of tools, construction vehicles and means of transport are needed.

How to keep our delivery costs low?

Hall construction – the prices ofexecution:

What kind of prices can you expect during the commission?

Cellspan Ltd. always thinks in unique solutions for the halls and buildings built by us, you can rarely use the expression “uniform hall/general hall”. That is why we cannot give you or define uniform prices…

The price of hall construction is influenced by the following:

  • hall size, number of doors and windows
  • the complexity of groundwork
  • character of the terrain
  • roof structure of the hall
  • the thickness and the kind of cover, shell
  • the complexity of contractors’ works
  • the place of execution
  • the special surface treatment of industrial floor


What kind of prices can you calculate with?

We honestly cannot give you numbers until we know more. That is why we ask you to ask for a price quote from us!

Please fill out the form and WITHOUT ANY FURTHER OBLIGATION you will receive a preliminary price quote from us within days.

I ask for a price quote for the building of my hall...

Choose an experienced contractor!

If it is important to you that your building will be well usable and cost-effective in the long-run or if you are only looking for part tasks of the construction please turn to us with confidence. Besides our main activity of contractor we provide steel structure production, trapezoid sheet production and sandwich panel distribution and delivery, as well.

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