Do you only want a building or do you deserve something outstanding in execution?

The primary task of a contractor is to efficiently organise the work processes and its main duty is the universal responsibility both in terms of quality and in terms of punctuality. The execution of several different kinds of buildings (warehouse, hall, workshop, crop storage unit etc.) from the planning until the turnkey make our company a real expert in the field of execution.

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Without any further obligation just by supplying the most important data you can ask for a price quote for your building’s execution. Within a few working days our colleague will notify You in e-mail or on the phone.

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Steel structure production

You would not like an impostor to do the welding and the assembling of your building, would you?

Steel structure halls are indispensable parts of production/productivity in certain industries now. But working with steel (e.g. welding, cutting) requires real expertise. Our team’s decade-long experience is the guarantee for the quality of our work.

Sandwich panel production

Is thermal resistance of your building important for you? Choose from sandwich panels with outstanding insulation!

The application of sandwich panels is a fast, cheap, environmental-friendly and low-utility solution that is why it could spread so fast in the fields of hall and warehouse construction. Our company offers both foreign and Hungarian as well as our own production of sandwich panels.

Trapezoidal sheet production

The most versatily used element of hall contruction.

The basic element of lightweight construction is the trapezoidal sheet which is an extremely resistant galvanized steel sheet with coating. There are several ways to use it, we can find it as a simple fence or as a load-bearing floor sheet in intermediate floors or as a remaining shuttering of monolith reinforced concrete.

Customer reviews

The building speaks for itself. We are fully satisfied with both their personal and professional attitude. They helped us solve problems which were not within their scope of work.

 Csaba Hajdu

Until our crop storage unit was not finished I did not know how much unnecessary, time-wasting work our workers did or what amount of crop goes bust because it is open to the weather vicissitudes. The constructed crop storage unit saves us time, energy and money, it would have worth double of its cost.

Mariann Tóth

The creation of the new gooserearing had to be done quickly and precisely so that the production continues smoothly. Cellspan Ltd. always kept the deadlines and built an impeccable quality plant with the help of which adopting to the market needs we can produce a bigger amount.

 Mariann Tóth

I was worried that at the fitting of the new planned  workshop and warehouse to the already existing buildings there would be problems with leakage and rusting but thanks to the team of Cellspan Ltd. we didn’t experience any problems and my colleagues are happy to work in the new, spacious workshops.

István Keczán
managing director
Keczán és Társa Kft.

Distribution of accessories

For constructing a building steel structure and sandwich panel/trapezoidal sheet are not enough, for assembling them you need accessories. We also help our customers in manufacturing these from the screw to bent elements.

Checking accessories

Social responsibility

Sportsmanship in work and in life

Besides giving work to national/local workforce it is also important for us to support the education of the next generation. Thus besides the Farmer Investor of the Year Prize, the Bronze cross award of FILA (International Wrestling Fedeation) is also a pride of the company.


Own machine pool for efficiency

The own machine pool helps us keep the deadlines

In our machine pool you can find everything from the tools needed for groundwork to the vehicles essential for delivery in order to produce fast and punctual service.

If it is needed we call demolition experts

We solve spatial planning instead of you as well!

You just have to point out the planned location of the building and we do everything else. It doesn’t matter whether the ground is muddy or uneven or even if there are ammunitions in the ground …

Our cooperative partners:

Sandwich panel production

Trapezoidal sheet production

Choose an experienced contractor!

If it is important to you that your building will be well usable and cost-effective in the long-run or if you are only looking for part tasks of the construction please turn to us with confidence. Besides our main activity of contractor we provide steel structure production, trapezoid sheet production and sandwich panel distribution and delivery, as well.

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